It’s often a bit difficult for homeowners to balance long-term quality and curb appeal. But with our professional pressure washing services, you can get both! PowerTech Power Washing is able to provide the best solutions for pressure washing your home. Our experts can help with:

pressure washing in Durham, NCHouse Washing

We have a safer version of pressure washing that we use specifically for exteriors. The soft wash solution isn’t exactly pressure washing, as it doesn’t use pressure to clean. Rather, we use our special equipment and powerful cleaning solution to remove built-up grime, stains, and bring out the curb appeal your property has hidden away.

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Concrete Power Washing

If you want your concrete to shine, our pressure washing solution can make it happen. Whether it’s your sidewalk, your driveway, your patio, or something else, we can get it as clean as if it had just been laid down. Our power washing technology can even remove the hardest obstacles such as gum and oil buildup!

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Deck & Wood Cleaning

With how powerful our washing service is, you might fear for your deck. Worry not! We use technology similar to our house cleaning technology. It’s low-pressure, so it cleans your wood without causing damage.

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gutter cleaning in durham ncGutter Cleaning

No one likes to clean out a clogged gutter. Thanks to our power washing technology, you won’t have to! Call us for preventative care, and we’ll make sure you never have to worry about water streaming out of your gutters again.

Your home is your biggest investment, and here at PowerTech Power Washing, we’re proud to help you safeguard it. Our expert team provides the best in soft and pressure washing, as well as gutter cleaning.

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